"Yeah, I’ll definitely report that ma’am."

I work in a call center and our client is an energy company. A customer had been shut off for non-payment. She made the payment in person, but didn’t have the receipt number, so I couldn’t verify it. I let her know this and she said that we should just take her word for it. I apologized, let her know she’d need to call the place she made the payment, and then we’d restore her. She said I should call so I advised her I’m in an inbound call center so I cannot make outgoing calls. The end of the call went like:

Me: I’m sorry. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Her: Yeah, turn on my fxxking service.

Me: Ma’am I can’t do that till you make a payment or verify your receipt number.

Her: Fxxk you then.

Me: Well have a wonderful day. Thanks for calling (clients name).

Her: Yeah right.

And she released the call. That was at 10 am. By chance and fate at 12:40 I got the same woman. The conversation was as follows:

Me: Thanks for calling (clients name)! My name is ramenbunni! What can I do for you today?

Her: Yes, I’d like to verify a receipt number. I called earlier this morning, and the rep I spoke with was extraordinarily rude! She even swore at me.

Me: I’m very sorry to hear that! Let’s get your receipt number verified. Who am I speaking with.

Her: Miss Soandso

Me (realizing I was the last rep): Hm. Okay. Well I’ll definitely report that last representatives unprofessionalism. I’m sorry you had to experience this.

And we finished the call.

She still couldn’t verify the receipt number.

TLDR; A customer called in and swore at me bc I wouldn’t turn on her service without verifying the information, then when I received her second call she said I swore at her without realizing it was me.

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