Tales from Irma…some gems from last night

As anyone based in the US knows, a category 4 hurricane is bearing down on Florida, I work as overnight support for a small ISP and Tv provider…I can not believe these calls came in as the storms were starting up in florida over the night…I will be me , and the customers will be C…I am in shock that these are actual calls that came in

Me: “Thank you for calling ISP, how may I assist”

C: “Hello, I am calling from (one of the Florida keys) Our internet just went down, do you know when it will be restored?”

Me: “Mam, we have to get the all clear from the first responders before we can send our field team into that area, at this time first responding agencies dont even know when they are going to be able to get into the keys”

C: “Oh, I guess that makes sense”

2nd customer of the night

Me: “Thank you for calling Isp, my name is dog, how can I help”

C: “I cant turn off my tv”

Me:”where are you located?”

C: ” A barrier island”

Me:”Mam I want to help you turn your tv off, however before we precede I see your unit is on the 20th floor, and that area is under a tornado warning, I just want to make sure you are aware so that you remain safe.”

C:”Oh, yeah, I am just going to ignore the warning and go to sleep once we have the tv off”

Me: “Ok mam, go to your tv, and look on the sides and the back for a button that says power, push that button, and call us back tomorrow afternoon, I will have a rep who can help you reprogram your remote at that time”

Finally, this is the most ridiculous call I have ever taken, one upping describing an electric outlet, we have IVRs up advising customers that Florida is going to have service issues, and we are unsure when we will be able to restore services (we evacuated our entire field team inland to keep them all safe)

Me: “Thank you for calling Isp, my name is dog, how can I assist?”

C:”Yeah, I am in Florida and my internet keeps going in and out, when are you guys going to assess and repair outages?”

Me:” Sir, as the storm is just starting, I do not have an eta avaliable”

C: “Oh, so do you think they will be able to restore it with in the next few hours?”

Me: “Sir, it will be a few days at the least, this is the largest hurricane in moderen history, first responders do not even know when they will be able to respond to the area you are located in. There is also zero chance I am risking one of my field team members lives by sending them into an approaching hurricane.”

C: “Ok, I guess I understand, you guys are basically a shitty company”

Me:”If by that you mean we value the lives of our team members and employees by not sending them into a mandatory evacuation zone during a catagory 4 hurricane”

C: Click

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