Hurricane stories.

I just need to talk about it somewhere. Here’s a collection of stories. So I work at a call center for a hotel chain. I’m in rewards, but I also can do basic reservations and customer care, though I pass it on if it’s complicated.

The hurricane is… heart breaking. They’ve been offering major overtime benefits to convince us to stay but oh my god guys. I keep getting desperate people who need a safe place to stay and we… we have none. There’s nothing left. We’re booked out. And I keep getting calls like that followed by these… selfish assholes.

Story 1

I had a guy yesterday, right before Irma hit. He left his sunglasses in a florida hotel a few days ago and wants them back. I told him the might have evacuated but I’ll check, and he starts getting testy cause “hotels don’t close.” Turns out, they’re still open just on a backup generator.

So I call, and the front desk informs me housekeeping covers lost and found, but they’ve left for the day to prep for Irma. Even if anyone else had a key, they’re trying to prep the hotel for damage and can’t go check anyway. They take a message with his name, number, and description of the sunglasses and promise to call him back if they still have power and phones tomorrow.

Let me tell you guys, this was not enough for DouchbagMcSunglasses. They obviously must have stolen or lost his sunglasses and are hiding that fact. What kind of compensation can he receive if they lost them. I directed him to customer care and he let it go but how friggen petty. How dare their top concern be a hurricane and not his stupid sunglasses?

Story 2

This one is shorter. This guy calls in because he had a gym membership at one of our hotels in the virgin isles. The hotel lost 4 floors in the hurricane. He wants to know when they’ll be open again, cause his second home is there and he wants to use the gym when he goes again. They don’t even have power right now. He then demanded that we don’t charge him. Super fair request but…. It’s not exactly ours. It’s one of those situations where they’re an independent business housed in our hotel. I gave him their phone and email, and his response? “yeah, I know. They told me before that you don’t own them. They just aren’t answering and I wanna know right now.”

Dude. Fuck off.

Story 3

So this one didn’t happen to me, but my coworker. This dude is looking at our most expensive, fanciest Vegas hotel. It’s hella expensive. Like over 500 expensive.

Guest: aren’t you doing anything for hurricane survivors?

Coworker: we are but sir. You aren’t in the hurricane.

G: yeah but my second home is there. I got damaged by it too. You owe me this room free, because I’m a hurricane survivor.

My coworker essentially just kept repeating no until he went away but seriously. What a dick.

So those are the three main stories that pissed me off.

EDIT: Story 4 My coworker got another doozy and I had to post it. This is her second hand story of it but oh my god. Cuntomer of the day award.

This lady calls in, she is the second highest status with us. Usually, you have to stay a LOT of nights for that, but she got it in a different way that’s hard to explain.

Now, this lady is actually in Florida. Her house is intact, dry, but does not have power. She’s looking for a hotel with air conditioning. Of course we have no availability.

Guys. She ASKED MY COWORKER TO KICK SOMEONE OUT so she could have fucking air conditioning. Gave zero fucks about whether or not that person even had a home left. She needs air conditioning so her needs win.

My faith in humanity is destroyed.

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