We legally can’t do that for you…

So I work in compliance, we have devices in trucks that meter road mileage and display the road tax label. Along with the full Big Brother spec driver behavior shit.

When converting from a standard mechanic hubodometer on the wheel to our electrical ones the CUSTOMER/Vehicle owner must fill out hubo change forms and send it to the transport authority. So this customer just had their whole fleet switched over. Around 40 vehicles..

Starring Me and DF.

Me: Gidday, your speaking with me, how can I help yah? (Yes i am kiwi and this is how we talk with truck drivers Moite’)

DF: Just signed up with the (crude pronunciation of product name) and you people have not activated my vehicles.

Me: Good to hear everything is setup, I can assist you with a Hub change form so you know what to do for the rest of the fleet.

DF: Rages out why the fuck can you not fucking do this for me we pay you people blah blah.

Me: I am happy to assist you DF but as the law states these forms must be completed by the vehicle owners or operators. Due to these being legal forms for tax purposes.

DF: Goes on about how he pays us and so fourth how back in some old day it wasnt blah blah.

Me: Regardless of what used to be done this is what you need to do. I explained that if I were to process his forms it would credit the excess road tax or charge to me if there was not enough. He seemed to not care about that.

DF: Rages out even more and says he will sort it this evening.

Fast forward to this evening and DF calls back. Repeat of the first call and he tried to get me to do it, kindly remind him I spoke to him earlier and calling back to speak with others won’t do anything. He agrees to go ahead and process a form or two with me over the phone so he can learn and get it done as he realized I wasnt doing anything for him. Process the first form and find that it will not allow us to proceed due to the road tax being behind. (Current reading was greater than the end of the last distance licence) Explain to him he has no RUC blah blah to contact the Transport Authority to find out how much he is owing (As we can’t see this info, we are just a checkout to automatically purchase this tax for them and digitally display it) He loses his shit and tried to blame me for him not legally operating his fleet and its all my companies fault and so fourth. Fuse snapped and told him he needs to sort his crap out and call the transport authority and bring everything up to date. Cold transferred him to their line halfway through some garbage blaming speil he was giving.

Good fucking reddens to the old senile fuck.

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