The ol’ Net Promoter Score

I see a common trend around here, No downdotes, At all?!? Maybe its because we all understand, We would not give anything below a positive NPS to our distant colleagues. I like that. I recall when I worked for Vodafone New Zealand they would provide a feedback survey with the wording “How likely are you to recommend Vodafone to a friend or colleague” The ratings between 0-10 would DIRECTLY reflect on the agents KPI, Even if the last person royally buggered it up it would impact the agent, If the network was not as good as it is in Downtown when they were up the mountain it would still reflect on the agent.. What a joke.. I called them last night and now they ask you to give feedback on Vodafone and then the agent. The agent I had was a definite KPI manipulator and I told him that then requested his manager. Good times when you can call up and be like, “I used to work for you crooked bunch and I know what you are suggesting, Lets sort this issue now rather than have me call back 4 times tomorrow”

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