God Bless You, Too.

Work for a call center that deals with company’s incentive programs such as rebates. Had someone call in asking why the rebate for his daughter’s contact lenses were declined. Explained the error. He asked what could I do to help, and I explained to him he had essentially three whole months from the date of purchase to get the rebate filled out, including fixing any application issues that arose. (Most can be fixed.) He explained to me that wasn’t enough, and even if he could file a new claim, he didn’t have the documents anymore. (Not my fault, dude.) Reiterate he had three months to call back in and check to status to get it sorted out, and he loses his shit, saying he deals with big companies all the time (we’re pretty small) and that they’re always shady businesses and we’re being shady right now. Explain that we are simply following company terms and conditions and that there were three months he had to check on the rebate and fix any errors. He proceeds to tell me that “I hope you all burn in hell,” to which my reply was “have a nice day too, sir.” He hung up the phone.

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