"That’s not very professional is it?"

So I work as part of a complaints team for an energy company. Duties include floorwalking, taking over escalated calls and working with customer complaints.

Saturday we close at 6pm, at 5:50pm an agent approaches me and explains customer wishes to complain about a charge on his account and wont get off the call till he speaks to someone higher, so I go log into my phone and the agent transfers the customer across to me,

Me: Hello, is that Mr X?

X: Sigh yes it is, and who are you now?

Mr: My name is Y, Mr X my colleague just told you they were putting you over to me as you wanted to complain? X: No they didn’t!

(I’m sitting next to the agent and literally heard them tell him)

Me: So, I was told you have a complaint regarding a charge on your bill of £60? All customers are made aware of this charge if they wish to leave before their contracted term is up.

X: shouts and screams usual nonsense about not signing any contract, for about 5 minutes.

No but what my actual complaint is the fact that your company has entered my name wrong! That’s not very professional is it?

(his name was missing capital letters in his forename and surname, thats all)

He continues this for another 5 minutes or so until he demands compensation for the stress and the upset this has caused as he’s just moved and moving is very stressful, and his wife is bedridden.

as a rule, for poor customer service the most we ever give out is £20 and is usually a credit off their balance. Oh he didn’t like that

Mr X: 20 f****ing pounds for all this hassle? I want at least £100! (coincidentally including his termination charge this is what his balance works out at).

I told him no, and the most we would give him was £30 and an apology letter, which he accepted.

He later called up about a month later claiming he did not accept this and I said he could have the £100. Supervisor listened to the call and heard he agreed to my offer of £30…and still gave the guy an extra £50…

TLDR; Customer’s name was missing capital letters and got £80 worth of compensation.

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