But how am I supposed to know who you are???

So I work for a bank and today I had a customer call in because she lost her debit card. We can only pull up accounts via account number, card number, or tax Id. Here’s the kicker….she didnt have ANY of her information. Here’s how this exchange went.

Me: thank you for calling Bank! My name is CrazyCatLady54461. How can I assist today?

Caller: I lost my card. Can you stop it?

Me: Oh I’m sorry to hear about that lost card. I’d be happy to close it for you. To access your account may I have your account number?

Caller: I dont know it my business name is business

Me: unfortunately I can look your account up by the business name. Do you have your tax id instead?

Caller: Look I am not in my office right now so I dont have any of that information! Why can’t you just search by the name?!

Me: because our systems only allow us to search buy account number, tax id, or card number. Do you by chance know the card number by heart?

Caller: No! The card is lost so I dont have the number! Why cant you just close my card?!

Me: I can’t pull the account up to close the card without any information. Now on the mobile app you can pull up a statement and it will have your–

Caller: I’m not downloading that! I’m out at a game right now! Can you just close my card?!

Me: ma am as mentioned before, without any account information there is no way I can–

Caller: This is ridiculous! Get me to a supervisor!

So I connected her to a sup. I listened in on the call and the supervisor ended up explaining the same exact thing to her. She ended up threatening to close her account and hanging up on him. I’m not sure what she expected to happen. I have never had a customer not know at least one piece of the information i asked.

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