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TL;DR: Rep wants to audit the faults us techies have already audited and deems every one of them false positive.

Im chiming in all the way from New Zealand, We serve Australian and local customers in the transport sector. We have a telemetry product that also meters distance for road user charging on top of reporting. The devices are connected to the vehicle ignition, speed pulse output for calibration, power and 3 other possible sensors. Frequently a fuse or solder will fail due to the nature of the roads these vehicles work on rough terrain and shit workmanship from the installers. We will email our customers when we identify an issue with the wiring or operation. These are legal compliance devices so it needs to be taken seriously. If these are in fault you will be fined.

Being in the transport sector you are already dealing with impatient snobs who think everything revolves around their fleet and these are small issues that do not matter.

We have a very large customer, 2000+ active units with us, Due to the fleet size and the spread across the nation it is not possible for us support people to know what area we need to notify of fault. So for this customer the sales rep took it upon himself to redirect all faults to the correct region! Excellent!

It has been a few months since this has been the case and a lot of this customers faults are reaching the “non responsive” stage, (3 attempts to contact no reply) and receiving a LOT of backlash from their administrators for faults. So I look further into it to find this rep is ignoring all the emails that we are sending. (Trust me when say tech support only email you for things that require immediate action that affects compliance.)

So I email their administrator with the rep CC’d in for the first time ever. Instant reply from the administrator with relevant details. Queue angry fucking sales rep cause we undercut him.

Starring Myself, Manager and Rep.

Rep: Once again I have to make it clear that system >generated faults go to me and not ______. There should be notes in the system to that effect. Can we please let all know?

I go to my manager with a big grin on my face and say “Guess what” He actually replied for once, To my managers dismay he asked, What fault type was it? I advised what was said 2 paragraphs above.


Support do know but when we do not get a response from you (/u/FinerSire) has supplied 6 examples of this himself) we do whatever we can to get the information. In this case he has copied her in straight away which he should not have done but as I have said we need responses especially when it is a blue light fault and if we have to wait days for a response (if we get one) this could result in the customer getting an infringement and Support coping the flack because we did nothing about it. And believe me this happens quite often. We waste enough time chasing customers and techs for responses, hence the reason we introduced the non responsive process, which we are not doing for _______ by the way as this would look pretty bad if we emailed out to a client admin in _______ that we have had no response given you are the contact.

Queue the Champagne, we just rekt the sales rep! But nooooo, He has to know better than what we do.

Rep replied with the opening line, Bollocks! Goes on to justify why he is the support contact (Yes because its a national company with many offices and fleets) and then he tries to justify his role in this faulting process. Rep:

The reason they come to me first is that in the majority of cases it is a problem with a truck towing a trailer that does doesn’t have pin 5 livened up or there is a problem with the plug and what has happened in the past is that a tech is sent out to visit nothing and ______ pay a bill for nought. A response is sent through when action is needed in regard to what may be a genuine fault.

So you are telling me an issue with ignition feeds, speed pulses, units not reporting are due to a truck towing a trailer and not being powered up? Rightt… (Keeping in mind the fault at hand was a speed pulse fault on a truck.)

Notifications we send through to _____ are taken to mean exactly what we state in the system generated email and they are left with no recourse but to request a visit from a Technician in each and every case. _____ process is (Org’s Admin) receives the notification and returns contact details and then that person is told there is a fault and they are then required to ask for it to be rectified as per the case in point. If you would like to provide justification for every visit for your non responsive process on a monthly basis please fill your boots.

This rep is trying to lay down the law on us support peeps and my manager, All we do is fix compliance issues. Currently the emails sitting with my manager and the national sales manager. This is gonna be a good one and I’ll update when relevant.

Here is what we send out for a fault:

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