I brought it upon myself…

Let me lead this off by saying I am not a friendly and generally nice person. Snarky and cynical describe me well… Not a push over.

Fresh out of training at a bank call center. I received a call right around the end of my shift. It’s an elderly lady who is having a dispute credit reversed. She’s on a fixed income ect.

So she starts talking about how bills are so expensive and her rent is over $1000. Trying to help her, she is rambling on about how times have changed and “certain types of people” are all the cause of her bad situation. I can’t believe she actually said this and would NOT stop talking about “these people”

I wanted to throw a “Yeah criminals due tend to cause crime, no matter what they are.” but I kept it together and ended the 45 min call. I have an email saying that I need to meet with my supervisor.

So in my meeting, I am told that I am too nice to customers and brought this upon myself. It’s great having a equal opportunity name that doesn’t denote my race so yeah… Victim blaming?

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