Just following instructions

A little bit of background required here. Specialty clinics, including the one this lady is calling in for, oftentimes schedule by symptom. This is because not all providers can treat the same symptoms so they make this easy on us by giving us a list of symptoms and specific scheduling instructions for each symptom. For example, the list of symptoms for the orthopedic clinics will have you schedule with one set of doctors for a hand injury vs. a knee injury. I have to follow instructions or clinics will cancel patient’s appointments because they’re mischeduled and it’s just bad for everyone.

Me will be me. IL will be impatient lady.

Me: Thank you for calling the medical center. How can I help you?

IL: Yes I need to know if Dr. X has any appointments on Monday.

Me: Sure I can take a look. [verifies basic HIPAA info and once I get the chart up I see the address and phone haven’t been verified in 3 months, protocol is to verify these] It looks like we also need to go over your address and phone number. Can I start with your address?

IL: No! I don’t need to do that. Just check if Dr. X has any appointments.

Me: [This part is also protocol for when they decline to go over this part] Alright we don’t have to do it now but just so you know, the next person you speak to will ask you as well.

IL: No they won’t! Do you job and read the notes! Just get me an appointment

Me: [wtf?] Alright… and what would you like to be seen about?

IL: I want. To see. Dr. X. Get me. An. Appointment.

Me: Yes, what would you like to see dr. X about.

IL: ugh! [symptom redacted]

Me: Thank you. Just a moment while I look at my instructions. [instructions for this symptom say to refer the patient to an urgent care clinic and if they decline to send call the clinic and in the case of after hours as was today to send a message] So it looks like the clinic recommends you to see an urgent care clinic…

IL: No! Did you not hear me? I want an appointment with Dr. X.

Me: I understand that but I’m following protocol. If you’d like to see Dr. X about this I’ll have to send a message and have them call you back on Monday.

IL: No no no no no! Get me a supervisor! Now!

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