Kids on the roof

Hurricane Irma took a lot of cable lines down. Normally, we would schedule a service call, but because of the hurricane and damage, you go on a list to get your line rehung. There isn’t an escalation process because the company is still in hurricane repair mode, so it’ll be done at any time within 48 hours of being added to the list.

This is by my far my favorite call for a low line.

Self entitled ignoramus: cx

Me: thank you for calling ___. My name is….

Cx: -cuts me off- I don’t give a fuck about your name. I have a line down and I want it fixed now!!!! -lots of cussing-

Me: my apologies, and I’m happy to help! Can I have the-

Cx: stfu! Fix my line, damn it!

Me: I need the address, sir.


Me: -talking softly so he can start calming down- so I’ll get you scheduled to have the line repaired. It can take-

Cx: it’ll take an hour. That’s how long you have.

Me: -looks at his account, he’s never called about this line before- well, it can take 24-48 hours.

Cx: you get 24 that’s being gracious.

Me: where is this line?

Cx: it’s hanging across my roof and draping onto my shed.

Me: do you have a fence? Backyard or front yard?

Cx: front. No fence. If my kids trip over this lawn, I’m suing! Okay, you hear me. Mother—

Me: it’ll take 24-48 hours.

Cx: I don’t like your attitude, little b****. I want a sup.

-reaches out to a lead-

lead response: so…he has a line down…on his roof…and it’s a trip hazard….for his kids….on his roof….wtf, so they play on the roof?

Tldr: cx gets mad that a hurricane brought his line onto his roof, and his kids can’t play on it now.

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