"Its the law!"

So work for a bank and this lady calls in wanting information on her husbands account. At my job if your name is not on the account then we can’t give any sort of information about the account.

Me: Thank you for calling bank! My name is CrazyCatLady54461! How can I assist you today?

C: Yes. I’d like to know if I received my direct deposit yet.

Me: Sure! I’d be happy to let you know if that deposit made it to your account. May I start with your name and either your account number or card number?

C: My name is Tard. My account number it 12345678.

Me:Thank you for that. ( I type the number and notice a different name comes up but with the same last name) So ma’am I dont see your name coming up under this account.

C: Yea its my husbands account. I’m his wife.

Me: oh okay. Is your husband around right now?

C: No but I’m his wife so I can call about his account.

Me: ma’am unfortunately the only way for me to pull up the account would be if I am speaking to the account owner.

C: I am an owner! I’m his wife! Legally I am allowed to get information on any account he has!

Me: I understand that (not at all) but your husband is the only person shown as the account owner. And we can give account information to anyone not shown as an owner.

C: Its the law! I have rights to all his finances because he is my husband!

Me: I apologize for the inconvenience but I can’t provide account information to anyone who isn’t the owner.

C: I’ll call back and get someone else! click

You know sometimes I worry that I’m gonna die alone but then I meet married people of this caliber and I immediately feel better.

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