I hate Doctors

Education is a great thing. Everyone should strive for it. That said, fuck people who demand to be called doctor.

A care agent calls in and let’s us know that a cx wants to pay her bill in advance as she’s going on a trip. Unfortunately, she has a credit on her account. This means our system won’t let us process any payments. I think it’s dumb, but hey, gotta work with what we got. But hey, you can set up bill pay through your bank! I say transfer her over, because I’ll just explain this and we’ll all be happy.

Dr. Unreasonable comes on the line. Verified as Dr. Completely Unreasonable. So I explain that due to the credit balance, I cannot process a payment, but she can set up autopay through her bank. As soon as I say “auto pay” she cuts me off. “I refuse to let [company] have control over my bank!” “Dr. Unreasonable, it’d be set up through your bank and they would handle it”

“I don’t want to do that, I want to pay the bill through you!”

“Miss Unreasonable”


“Okay DOCTOR Unreasonable, I can’t do that. Sorry, but bill pay through your bank is the only way this can be done due to the aforementioned reasons.”

“Get me your supervisor, they’ll be able to.”

“No ma’am, they actually can’t”

“Yes they can, get me one now!”

Call escalations, because well, I tried to stop her, but I’m not dealing with this fruit bat.

But it gets better! A few hours later on break, I see the esc rep who I transferred her to. I ask about her. Was informed that Dr. Unreasonable diagnosed everyone at [company] crazy, and it was a legitimate diagnoses because she was licensed to diagnose people in three states. Then she asked for corporate. Because [company] is going to change it’s policy for you Dr. Unreasonable.

Maybe she’ll look in a mirror one day and diagnose the real crazy.

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