….How old is your son?

This happened about an hour ago.

In my call centre we process medical claims for customers. If a doctor selected the child as a claimant but they don’t have bank details we send them a letter asking them to add details. Usually when parents of underage children call I confirm they are the claimant and reprocess the payment to the parents account. I’ll be me. Lady can be lady.

Lady: I’m calling on behalf of my son. We’ve been trying to update his bank details online and its not working.

Me: ok not a problem. How old is your son?

Lady: 36.

Me (thinking I misheard): …how old?

Lady: he’s 36.

Me: oh ok, well I’ll need to speak to him first before I access his account.

Lady: But he’s sleeping. He wrote down everything for me to say.

Me: If you don’t want to wake him up that’s ok. he can call back later and I can add his details on the phone or help him do it online. We’re open 24/7.

Lady: I’ll see if I can wake him up

Goes away

I hear some talking

Comes back again

Lady: W-where is your closest service centre? I’ll go in this afternoon and try to do it there.

I told her where it was and reminded her we’d need to talk to him first. I felt bad for the poor woman.

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