Entitled Douche

Quick intro, I work in the fraud department of a bank and sometimes we do outbound calls to people to verify that a transaction on their card was them. This is usually a sub 5-minute call and is usually very simple. This is not one of those times.

My phone tells me I’m doing an outbound call and I get the account pulled up, the case is listed as being “Call Back” meaning the person already called but was unable to tell us if it was their transaction, so we need to have them call back once they find out.

Me: “Hello, this is morbidmeddling with $Bank fraud department, may I please speak to Entitled Douche”

ED: “Yes, this is him, but I already talked to one of you guys earlier and everything was taken care of so I don’t see why you would need to call me.”

Me: “I’m sorry for that sir, but it looks like we weren’t able to confirm some of the transactions with you and I just wanted to make sure there’s no fraud on your card.”

ED: “Alright fine, just let me waste more time out of my already busy day.”

I go through the transactions with him and it turns out they weren’t his transactions.

Me: “Okay sir, since there is fraudulent activity on the card we have to clos-“

ED: “No you are not going to close my card, I need it now, this is my only card, how do you expect me to get access to my money the rest of the day?!”

Me: “I’m sorry for the inconvenience sir, but if there’s someone using your card information without your permission we need to close the card to stop them.”

This argument continues for another good few minutes.

ED: “Well what if I say it wasn’t fraud and go into the branch and get it taken care of later? Huh?”

Me: “Sir, you cannot do that, again I’m sorry for the inconvenience but we have to close the card.”

ED: “You can’t do it, or I can’t do it?”

At this point, I’m fed up with this guy’s condescending attitude.

Me: “YOU cannot do it, sir.”

Eventually, I finally get him to agree to close the card. He asks for me to rush the card.

Me: “Not a problem we can definitely do that, it will be 1-2 business days instead of 5-7-.”

ED: “No, you’re going to overnight it.”

It’s 3PM, the deadline for same day shipping is like 10AM.

Me: “Sir, 1) we cannot do that, 2) it’s several hours too late for the card to even be sent out today, it will not be sent out until tomorrow at the earliest, likely 1 business day from then.”

ED: “You people are absurd, wasting my time out of my busy day like this and leaving me without access to my card.”

Me: “I’m very sorry sir, you can always go into a branch and get a temp card to hold you over.”

ED: “More time wasting, typical.”

I finish the call like normal, and I’ll be honest, I might have “forgotten” to waive the $20 rush order fee.

I don’t understand some people, I can’t even leave your card open if you were in Florida or Houston right now, but this guy expects his $2000 balance to mean we have to treat him like royalty, no.

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