Millions in the bank don’t mean invoices get paid on time.

So this happened … Quite a few years back now that I think about it.
I was working for a major mobile phone service provider back then (well, still am, but yeah).
They had a standard operating procedure that if you didn’t pay your invoice on time, after a certain amount of time it being overdue, your calls would get automagically routed to us in customer support and if you still didn’t pay, the service would get suspended.

Well, in comes this call from, let’s call him FFBS (short for Famous football star (soccer for you ‘muricans)), on the direct line for overdue invoices.

#me == Well, me.
#FFBS == The customer.


FFBS: Yo, I didn’t call you guys, why are you answering all my calls?!

me: Well, sir, we can take a look at that, if I could just have some info from you for security reasons .


Me: Well sir, it would appear that you’ve been direct connected to us here at customer service since you haven’t paid your invoice from last month yet.


FFBS: I sure as hell have paid it!

Me: Well, from what I can see here, we haven’t received your payment yet. When did you pay your invoice?

FFBS: On! F***ing! Time!

Me: If that is the case, then I would advice that you contact your bank and see if there have been some trouble on their side.

FFBS: I sure as hell won’t do that, it’s your fault, now open up my calls again and then fix the bloody payment problem yourself!

Me: I’m sorry, sir. I unfortunately cannot do that, since you have, for a fact, made sure that the payment have arrived with us and closed the amount you owe us, as I’m sure you are aware, you are legally obligated to do.


Me: Sir, if you don’t calm down then I’m going to have to disconnect this call and you can call back after you’ve calmed down and talked with your bank about your payment.



At this point in the story, something clicked when I was typing up my call interaction note, something about his named sounded familiar.
Off I go on a quick google search with his name, year, month and date of birth.
Lo and behold, google spits out as the top hits on the whole first page that this should be Famous Football Star.
And now I use some of my powers and pull up the national register of residents (Yeah, maybe not the best power to give a lowly service rep, but, I wasn’t (and still aren’t) complaining!)
Lo and behold, this is, for a fact, said FFBS!
Goes to show you, money in the bank don’t a brain give!

TL;DR: I pretty much told a famous guy that he’d better fess up the cash he’s due if he wanted his phone service back!

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