[Follow up] Lady wants to sue the clinic for "harassing" her but also wants them to refill her medication

Remember this lady? I’ve got an update!

It looks like her chart has been noted that she should never be called by the clinic again. But it doesn’t end there.

Today I got a call from a pharmacist and as soon as I got the chart up, I recognized it right away. The pharmacist tells me she’s been trying to get the clinic to refill the patient’s medication for several days now and the patient has been making her life hell.

I looked into the messages and sure enough, this lady had been calling the clinic, after threatening a lawsuit if they ever call her or her daughter again, to harass them about refilling her medication. You can’t have it both ways. If you decide to change your care then your old doctor can’t refill your meds. Sounds to me like she was bluffing changing of her care to try and get her doctor to do something and she called her bluff so she actually had to go through with it and is now regretting it.

Guess she should have thought about that before she decided to make threats of lawsuits.

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