"Don’t give me those smartass answers, and give me an exchange."

So I currently work as a Customer Service Agent in Germany for a very well known internationally operating Website, which offers all kinds of products ranging from Phones to Apps.

On our Website we offer a Phone which is only available at some parts of the European, Australian and North American market. So this Customer contacts us demanding an exchange for his broken device. C will be Customer. M will be me.

M: “Hello and welcome to Example Company Customer Service! How may I assist you today?”

C: “Hi, my device seems to have issues. My Microphone won’t work properly, my Bluetooth doesnt turn on and my Screen is a little pixelated.”

M: “I’m sorry to hear that. Have you tried any Troubleshooting steps?”

C: “Not yet, no.”

(So here I went through our basic Troubleshooting, like reseting the device, checking for updates, factory reset, etc. The CM seemed to go through the Troubleshooting steps suspiciously fast and sounded a bit annoyed from my Instructions, sighing all the time.)

C: “Mhh… nothing seems to help, the issue still persists. Can I have an exchange Device now?”

(Here it was abundantly clear that this guy just wanted an exchange. I honestly couldn’t care less if he was eligible.)

M: “That’s frustrating, let me check. Did you purchase the device from our online Store? Do you still have the receipt for the device?”

C: “No I did not. I purchased it in Malaysia, where I lived for a couple of years, from a phone retailer. I don’t have a receipt either.”

M: “I’m sorry Sir, but according to our policies you must have bought the device from our online Store, in a Country where the device is sold, in order to get the full 2 year warranty.”

C: “What are you talking about? You are the Company who markets these devices. The Retailer bought it off of your store, so it is an official device!”

M: “I understand Sir, but we can not exchange a device you personally did not purchase in our Store, or by one of our official Partners. Since the device is not officially available in Malaysia in our online Store, I can already tell you that you have no warranty for the device through us, without considering that you dont even have the receipt. I will have to ask you to return the device to that retailer.”

C: “Do you really want me to go back to Malaysia just for the device? That is bullshit. The device is an official device from you guys. It is a totally legal purchase. The retailer officially bought the device in your store in the United States! That means this purchase is legal! So you can give me an exchange! What else is the warranty for? Don’t give me those smartass answers, and give me an exchange.”

M: “Sir, like I already said, according to our policy we can not give you an exchange device, since you purchased it in a country that does not have our devices officially in our store from an unlicensed retailer. The warranty is for customers, who officially bought the device from our Store and can prove it with the receipt. If you dont want ‘smartass answers’ then maybe you shouldn’t insist on something you have no entitlement to.”

C: “I have a right according to the lawmaker for a 2 Year warranty from you guys, since I own the device now! Do I need to get a Lawyer?”

M: “That maybe in Malaysia the case where you bought the device, but not here in Germany. So this law does not affect you, since it isn’t a device bought in Germany. Besides, according to german law you have a 2 weeks return right. The 2 Year policy your mentioning, is something manufacturers do voluntarily. So getting a Lawyer will be useless.”


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