The Defenestrated Printer

Work in printer tech support. When I was fairly new a couple years ago, I got a call from a ‘lady” who had a voice that sounded like Smeagol with a 20 year smoking habit. Issue was simple, her printer was set up wirelessly and wasn’t responding.

The customer was a total cunt. Would either refuse to follow directions or would start to and then forget what we were doing. Every single time I’d tell her to do something she would respond with “I don’t think you know what you’re doing” despite the fact she couldn’t even figure out how to restart her computer.

Once I finally confirmed that the printer was still on her wifi and that it had a decent signal, I told her to just reset the router. At which point she said in her raspy sandpaper voice “I’m not gonna unplug my router because ATT will charge me to fix it” when I told her that it shouldn’t do anything to her service she said “You know what I’m just throwing this goddamn piece of shit out the window and buying ((competing brand))”

Then a few second of silence. Then an audible smash from outside. Then “Go fuck yourself”. Then Click

It was a brand new $500 professional photo printer.

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