Service interrupted? There’s a good reason for that.

Got a call from a rather nice lady saying her satellite TV wasn’t working. When her account auto-populated, I got got a pop-up saying the account was disconnected, and I told her as much. She asked, “Why was it disconnected? I didn’t call in and I always pay the bill on time.” I confirmed that she was correct. On the account notes, it was flagged as “Do not reconnect.” I told her I would look over the notes and see if I could determine what happened. Boy, did I. There were so many notes saying that her husband had repeatedly called in, using profanity and threatening language, demanding credits and free movie channels, and being a general asshat, along with assorted sup calls. I stopped after two pages. The second note on the account said that the account was disconnected because of the repeated abuse.

I explained this to her, and she was very quiet for a bit. Just as I was about to ask if she was still there, she said (verbatim), “I told that asshole his mouth would get him in trouble. I’m in the process of divorcing him, and that was one of the reasons. Once I get my own place, I’ll be calling y’all back to set up service in my name. I want to applaud your company for standing up to idiots like him. You have a wonderful day.”

Day. Made.

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