Woman: “Did you just say my friend was incorrect?” Me: “Yes.”

(For my 211 job, we referred people to many places, including a a furniture bank. However, people had to get a letter called a referral from a pastor before going. Most knew that and just needed the information. This woman…)

Me: “Thanks for calling [agency] how can I help you today?”

Woman: “I want a referral to the furniture bank.”

Me: “I can give you some information about it, but I cannot give you a referral. You’d have to go through someone like a pastor, case manager–”

Woman: “I don’t have none of that. I want a referral.”

Me: “I can only give you information, we cannot refer you, unfortunately.”

Woman: “Fine. Give me the information.”

Me: “Yes ma’am.” Gives information, not phone number.

Woman: “I want their phone number RIGHT NOW!”

Me: “I can’t give that.”

Woman: “No, YOU are supposed to refer me to the furniture bank. I want their number, RIGHT NOW! My friend said I could get a referral from you guys.”

Me: “I’m sorry but your friend was incorrect, we do not give referrals and we do not give out their phone number.” The hilarious part was their phone number was able to be found on Google, but I didn’t tell people that


Me: “Yes. As I have previously stated, we can’t refer you.”

Woman: “You’re a [swear word!]”

Me: “I’m sorry you feel that way, but that doesn’t change the facts. If you continue to swear at me, I will terminate this call. Can I assist you with anything else today?”

Woman: “Yeah, take a boot and [swear word phrase].”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t do that either. Do you need anything else?”

Woman: Click

(I forwarded an email to my supervisor after, letting her know what happened. She said I was fine and I could hang up on the woman if she acted that way again.)

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