A very strange, but cute call.

I work in a hotel reservations call center, and I am over a group of supervisors, and they handle a lot of escalations. One of our sales associates got someone that called in and immediately asked about a supervisor, without explaining why. So the sales associate (SA) escalates the caller (C) it to one of the supervisors (S). Here’s how the conversation went.

S: Hello this is Supervisor, how can I help?

SA: Hi, my name is SA and I have a caller asking to speak with my manager.

S: Okay, did you get their name?

SA: No.

S: Did you ask why they were escalating to me?

SA: No.

S: (Inward sigh) Okay send them through.

SA transfers caller to Supervisor.

S: Hi my name is Supervisor, I understand you wanted to speak with me about something?

C: Hi, my name is Caller and I was wondering if I can ask you some questions?

Supervisor immediately notices that this caller has a VERY young voice.

S: Absolutely, I’d be more than happy to help.

C: Thank you! I am working on my school project and need to interview a manager.

School project?

S: Umm… I mean I don’t see why not? May I ask what class it’s for?

C: I’m in 5th grade and my teacher is asking us to interview people in big companies, so I called and asked to speak to you.

S: Well sure! What do you want to know?

She ended up asking about his job and what he does and does he like it, or find it rewarding. It was pretty cute how she was brave enough to call a random stranger and ask them about their job. She was very sweet and was very grateful he took the time to talk to her.

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