“But you’re white!”

An actual call I just took…

Me: Thank you for calling (company) how can I help you?

Asshole: Oh good you’re white. My internet isn’t working, and you won’t send someone to fix it!

Me: I apologize sir, I’m in the wrong department, let me get you to the internet department to assist you.

Asshole: But you’re white!

Me: Sir that’s inappropriate, the race of the rep that helps you is irrelevant.

Asshole: No, n*****s are stupid

Me: I’m disconnecting the call.

And I hung up. Because fuck that guy.

Also the reason we wouldn’t send someone to fix it? We were there a few days ago, and he stole the techs keys and refused to let him leave. He screamed at the tech and the poor guy had to lock himself in his truck and call the police.

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A very strange, but cute call.

“You want me to help evict your underage son? Fine, let me get you arrested in the process.”