The Phrase of the Day” or “A Brand New Insult


We’ve probably all heard our fair share of common, base “f** yous” and “A$$holes” and even the occasional c-word or even the always delightful ethnic slur or dig at our supposed sexual orientation. But occasionally, they like to creative. Today was a good one for that.

Insert here the pointless narrative about this fine upstanding citizen asking me question and me trying to get information out of him but him refusing with many colorful metaphors. All of which culminated thusly:

“If you want the answer to your question, sir, I need the answer to mine as I don’t have enough info to work with and provide you an answer.”

More colorful metaphors followed by this Brand New Insult:

“I’m going to shit on your house!”

That, good people, is the phrase of the day.

*I’m going to shit on your house.*

And then he hung up.

Edit: the phrase “Don’t let ’em shit on your house” is now a saying in my office. Bssically, don’t let then ruin your day/get on your nerves.


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