Omfg talk about entitlement. 45 minute call over…


Ok so this call was a fucking disaster it was a 45 minute phone call, where the customer was trying to do a credit dispute, the customer had set up autopay on 11/09/22 to be drafted for 11/12/23 but our system doesn’t allow auto payments to be set up for the same month, that we are currently in. So I told the customer this, the autopay was set up for December first and would show that it was set up that way in our system.

The customer didn’t like this and stated fhat the website showed nowhere that the payment wouldn’t draft for November meber and because of that mistake her account was 7 months late. Causing 7 months of late credit disputing. Now this woman had her mortgage broker on the line as well so they were both on this call arguing with me about our system, it’s set up, and how autopay processes.

After going back and fourth for 20 minutes about the autodraft set up and how it clearly states “autopay active first draft 12/01/22 account due 11/01/22” the broker and customer state that the common consumer would read that and think the autopay was set up for November and they wouldn’t have to do anything else. (I don’t think the common consumer is that stupid, but who knows)

So after explaining the website set up, they then started saying they never received the letter (which is online) stating the auto draft set up was for December (which the website also clearly states) and that it’s our fault her payments were seven months late. I apologize for the address and state again the website shows the auto draft set up date, and time frame for it. They then ask for our call logs stating she never received a payment reminder call from us.

We do payment reminder calls every month for payments that had not been made, so she obviously wasn’t paying attention or has call blocker for calls that aren’t registered in her phone, so she never received the calls from us.

At this point her agent and her are both arguing with me and not listening to reason which is “autopay was set up november 9th on the website for December 1st which the website states”

I finally having enough of this, went to a supervisor and asked her if I could transfer this call since they aren’t listening enig and she gave me the go ahead. To which my supervisor asked me for proof of the go ahead, she wants to listen to the 45 minute call, and I’m just done

That call was exhausting and I’m already exhausted from losing sleep due to a personal matter scare that happened last night causing me to miss out on 2 hours of sleep..

I am so tired and so over it.
I’m so over the entitled customers
That’s all.


What do you think?

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How do you handle this kind of calls?

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