It’s been 28 minutes why isn’t this order done?


This customer is pissed at my company for a mistake that was made that’s understandable. We paid the wrong insurance policy under the wrong name for him, and it caused an escrow shortage. So he called us at 11:16 EST today, and then called us back at 11:40 EST for an update and was super upset that we didn’t have an update for him. He wanted his work order completed today within the next hour. When I told him it wouldn’t be, these processes take time, we have to wait for emails etc, he got super upset yelled for a supervisor again screaming about how it needs to be resolved for him right this second, then said how about you be a good little girl and get me a supervisor call back, today, I don’t trust you can do your job and get me one, but let’s try.


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No, I won’t be doing your job for you, tyvm.

They ask the same Q on repeat