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I work in a call center for a government agency (not going to say which one). This happened a few years prior, around 10am.

I had a call from a customer, let’s call her Janice. Janice was having an issue accessing her online account.

I fully ID her following our rules, and most of the call goes by normally. Long story short, it turns out that she will need to go in person to show ID to resolve her issue. This does not please her.

A piece of information: my supervisor had told us that he would be in meetings with new hires all morning, and that any Supervisor calls to take down their info and he would call them back.

Janice: I want to speak to your supervisor.

Me: Ok, unfortunately he’s not available right now, but I can take down your information and he will call you back by COB.

Janice: How do you know he’s not available?

Me: Because he told us he’s not. But as I said, I can take down your info.

Janice: no worries, I’ll wait until he’s available and you can transfer me.

Me: You don’t understand, he’s not going to be available for awhile, I cannot transfer you.

Janice: No, I’ll wait.

Me: Ma’am, that is not an option I offered. I can either take down your information or I can disconnect the call.

Janice: No, I know you can’t disconnect, I’ll wait.

Me: okay, well thank you for calling [agency], have a great day. (Disconnected)

I don’t understand people that think I can hold on the phone for at least 2 hours waiting for a supervisor, especially a situation where the supervisor is going to tell them the same thing I said. I did immediately inform my Supervisor that I had to disconnect and he was okay with it.


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