I got called a tyrant today.


So I should’ve expected this from this customer after reading the notes on the customers account about how he doesn’t want to verify his last four digits of his bank account number with agents.

So I should’ve noticed that this would’ve been a red flag call earlier when the customer comes through and it doesn’t have his loan number so he gives me his social to pull up his account to make a payment for his mortgage . So at my mortgage company when you do this because you’re not being authenticated through the automatic, we need to authenticate you ourselves by asking you for your full name and your property address. The customer was fine with us and fine with me verifying his phone number but the minute we got to verifying his bank account information was when he snapped.

So he says he wants to make a payment and I go cool thank you. It does look like we have an account on file for you, so would you please verify the last four digits of your bank account number to which she responds to me? No you clearly have it on file as you’ve already said so I’ve already come through authenticated a new boss indicated mean you know who I am so you’re going to make a payment with that account . I’ll tell him no I’m not going to making a payment with that account I need you to verify it otherwise I will not be making this payment with you.

The customer then fly out, calls me a tyrant and says he will not be giving me his bank account number as we already have everything on file to which I immediately respond with OK so that is fine but I will not be making a payment with you because you believe I am a tyrant you can go ahead and rightfully disconnect the call and give us a call back and maybe another agent will be more happy to assist you you . The minute I finish speaking this guy screams No, literally, it sounded like the scene where Luke Skywalker finds out that his dad is Darth Vader this guy went out the most dramatic scream I’ve ever heard following the scream he goes I will not be calling back because you are a demanding tyrant bitch. Then he disconnects the call.

I hope he doesn’t make his payment because of this 🙂


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