Why is the last call of the shift always like this…


Customer called in wanting to check the status on 2 orders (5 minutes before close). I pull them up, advise her that one order shows delivered. The other order, the notes show that she called in and requested to cancel it the day after she placed it. The notes from the rep, and the sup she was transferred to, both named her specifically as the caller that requested cancelation. Sup canceled and refunded the order.

She blows up, denying canceling the order. (We don’t just cancel orders willy nilly, and she can barely remember what she said one minute to the next). At this point, we’re going in circles. Me telling her what the notes say, word for word, and her saying “no, nuh uh, nah, that ain’t right!” And we closed 10 minutes ago 😒

So, at that point, I tell her… ma’am, we are unfortunately going to have to wrap this up pretty quickly. We closed 10 minutes ago, and our phones shut down completely at 11:15, whether you and I are done here or not.

At that point, she loses her shit. “ARE YOU TRYING TO RUSH ME!?!?! OOOOOOOHHH, I’m so glad this call is being recorded because I’m going to file a complaint with the CEO! I’m going to hire a lawyer, too. Ohhhh this is a GOOD lawsuit! So you’re telling me the phone is just gonna hang up in my face cause you’re closed??? Oh yeah, this gonna be a good ass lawsuit. AT&T would NEVER. If you’re in their store when they close, they’ll keep you in there forever til they’re done helping you!!”

Me: Ma’am nobody is trying to rush you. Businesses have BUSINESS HOURS. And unfortunately yes, the system IS about to just hang up in our faces. I would suggest you call back tomorrow, during business hours.

Her: *CLICK*

Anyway…. Happy Friday everyone!! Now, where’s my drink…


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