Go ahead sir, call Janet Reno.


Hey all, just had a memory come rushing back today and don’t want to lose it. Some details will be fuzzy, as this happened probably 14-15 years ago. I’m getting old.

Anyway, it’s a Saturday night at work, sometime around 10 pm. A caller calls in.

Me: “Hello, thanks for calling YourCableCompany, this is Taco, how can I help you?”

C: “Yeah, I can’t see my TV. This is bullshit. This keeps happening.”

Me: “Okay sir, I apologize, let me pull up your account and we’ll get this sorted out.”

Usual spiel, get his info, turns out there’s an outage in the area. Should be up within 4 hours, but I can’t guarantee that.

Me: “I apologize sir, but there is an outage in your area. We have techs working on it now, hopefully it’s back up soon but I don’t have an estimate time of restoration.”

C: “Well this is RIDICULOUS. I want a credit!”

Me: “Sure sir, I will provide a credit for today’s service and a blanket credit of $10” I can’t remember the actual credit I gave out, this just sounds close.

C: “Really that’s ALL YOU are going to give me? I’m one of your biggest customers!” he wasn’t. I think all he had was basic + premium cable, no internet and nothing like HBO. Cable is expensive, no hate, but don’t blow smoke up my ass – I really don’t care if you had everything or nothing. Not like you were paying me directly, lol.

Me: “I apologize sir, that’s as much as I can give out for now for your issue, but if the service is down beyond today you can call back in and ask for another credit.”

C: “I don’t accept this. This is ridiculous. I am going to sue YOU personally.”

Me: “Um… I really can’t help further sir, don’t you think suing me is a bit too much? If you need to speak to a supervisor I can put you on with one…”

C: “No. NO! I am going to sue you! And YourCableCompany too! This is ridiculous! You’ll see!”

Me: “Well, okay sir, you do what you need to do!”

C: “YOU’LL SEE! Janet Reno is one of my buddies! You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!”

Me: “Okay sir. Go ahead and call Janet Reno.”


AG Reno passed in 2016. I never did go to court.


What do you think?

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