How often do you stay late?


Out of curiosity, how often are you guys forced to stay past your clock out time because you’re stuck on a call?

Looking back over my timesheet for the past two weeks, I realized I’ve only been able to leave work on time once in the last ten days. And that was only because a computer error disconnected the call at exactly 5:00. Every other day, I’ve been 20 minutes to almost an hour late clocking out because for some reason the dipsticks with the most complicated questions always wait until five minutes before closing time to call. And of course there’s a minimum 15 minute wait time to speak to anyone on the assist line because having, like, ten people assisting three hundred workers is the perfect balance, right?

What about you guys? I’ve heard that some call centers let their workers go Unavailable a few minutes before their shift ends to keep them from getting stuck on a call and forced to stay late. We don’t get that at my place lol.


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