For those who’ve left their call center jobs, what new careers did you move into? How did you cope with your call center job?


TW: mentions of depression and disordered eating

Just a lil rant and seeking some advice from my fellow call center folks. Been working remotely with a call center for a few months now, I left a gym job I loved for this one as I couldn’t afford basic needs with my previous job. Since starting the job, I feel that I’ve become a completely different person. I used to be very outgoing, happy and enjoyed working out, seeing friends and going to festivals and out into nature. A few months down the line, I’ve lost my entire will to do anything. I’ve lost weight as I barely eat much, I’m depressed, and I seldom ever want to get out of my bed and go on adventures anymore. It’s negatively impacted my relationship, and my fiancee encourages me to find a new job as she’s been worried about me. I’ve been applying to over 50 jobs a week, but many do not pay as good as my call center one does. I feel like I have to choose between my mental health or my financial stability at this point, I’m not able to advance my career through a college degree pursuit until next year. My boss is passive aggressive, mysteriously “leaves the desk” when I need escalation help, and I’m (no surprise here) verbally degraded by customers constantly. Not to mention my boss’s unrealistic expectations when we are a higher volume call center (her exact words: “oh, you can’t get at least 50 emails done by the end of the day? You need to start doing those emails while you’re on your calls.”) I miss the once happy, positive, energetic person I was; today I finally snapped at a customer who was saying some very heated things towards me and I don’t think I’ll fare at this job much longer. I’m also constant sick and have migraines, so it’s definitely time for a change. How did you guys cope with the stressors of this field, and what careers did you move into if you’ve managed to get out? Thanks in advance friends, I appreciate it!


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