Angry luxury traveler


Today got a call from someone traveling abroad upset about his cc being declined. I am used to that and understand that sucks and can see he has talked to our fraud department multiple times today. After being flagged so many times for his attempts at luxury stores and pay toilets he got bounced for a abuse review and thus came to me. As I am reviewing the activity see they have been on the phone to much and shouldn’t have honestly other than the bizarre luxury bag purchases followed by $.50 charge to use a toilet.
Having never traveled to a country in my years abroad that didn’t let a customer use a bathroom while shopping I am holding in my laughter. Looking at the notes they left for the trip and never booked the trip with the card so we would know they were traveling and today a travel plan was entered so that didn’t help. After a few mins of talking and trying to relate I talk them off the ledge and then he drops his “ask”.
He wants the bank to reimburse him for his international phone call charges. Tell him we won’t be able to offer anything other than an apology and explain our web and app features that can do most of what he called about. Still not giving up they demand to be given $25 as credit. Then I pull out my ace and ask if he has his card close and he does. Ask him to look on the back and the bottom and what it says, he reads off the call collect international number printed on all of our cards. I advise he can call anytime while traveling and we will assist but he will not get a credit but his card is working now.
Checked his account a few hours later and he was trying to buy purses and Chinese food in the city of love.


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