So I’m not going fast enough but I am too fast to have really done anything?


So just got off a call.

Start with normal greeting and she “can’t hear me”

🙄 Whatever I fiddle with my already maxed and optimized setting so my QA sees I “tried” miraculously the customer can hear me now. Doesn’t hurt that she took me off speaker.

But while I’m “fixing my settings” she gets impatient because this is an emergency.

Okay red flag I am in road side so I am happy to help..

I eye her service and she is in need of a jump start AT HER HOME.

Her emergency is not her service but wanting to complain about her now leaving service provider.

While listening to her complain I set up her new service. Notate her complaint. Escalate to our contracts team. And even add in some no brainer empathy statements along the way.

When I let her know next steps she says:

“That’s it? That seems pretty superficial for a complaint of this magnitude. Seems like you didn’t do anything.”

“Duribg our call I have started your new service which is the primary concern to get you back in the road so I apologize if it didn’t seem like I have done much. BUT I have also notated your feedback and submitted a complaint to our specialty team and if this provider has other similar complaints it could put their contract in jeopardy.”

Side note I’m not allowed to admonish our partners because it’s just bad business but it disgusts me that some of our providers show up to a job they know they can’t do and then get paid. It’s why I’m so efficient at putting in these claims.

She goes on to say that’s not enough and starts asking for other avenues to do a complaint.. Wait? I just told you this guy could lose his contract and you want more done?

I calmly tell her you are welcome to lodge an additional complaint with your insurance provider, the BBB, or submit a Google review since you have all of their information for your records but I don’t have additional avenues.

She wants more than that.

Ma’am did he do something to harm you that I missed or am unaware of because we can then file a police report but short of an abuse like that you and I don’t have additional complaint avenues.

(Customer gears turning)

Me thinking: this woman can’t possibly be about to think it’s appropriate to call the police because a service provider didn’t do her service….

Finally she asks, well what’s next?

Me: as I said earlier we have already started your new service for a new provider.

Her not wanting to let me have the last word: “it doesn’t seem sincere since you didn’t take longer”

Me: ma’am you told me it was an emergency so I tried to work as efficiently and fast as possible to take care of you. Have a nice day.


I know she’s mad I got the last word and used her crap against her.

But what can anyone say I did everything she wanted without losing sight that the primary thing is to get her vehicle jumped.


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