Current job refused to hire for months leading into peak traffic season and staff left as a result of being overworked leading into it, workload is completely out of control now.


Basically my job refused to hire during all of Winter/Spring and we have peak business during summer/fall.

Management/Executives refused to hire during the first quarter of the year.
Seemed pretty obvious we needed more staff, but none the less it never was done.
The months prior to the busiest part of the year call volume wise a bunch of long term staff started leaving, still refused to hire until the final hour. Then all of the new staff they hired didn’t work out or they left because of how high tension it’s become here.

Then on top of this several other long term staff are leaving due to this above situation, leaving us completely out of control workload wise. Every day now it’s back to back calla, the callbacks are Hours behind, and new tickets sent in via a online form are not being worked because everyone is on phones so those have piled up and continue to do so.

Meanwhile nothing is changing we just keep operating like this, in a constant state of falling behind further and further.

What’s worse is their answer to this is to try and force mandatory overtime on everyone who is answering non stop calls for 8 hours 5 days a week already. That’s about to be 6 or 7 days a week shortly which will only make us loose more people.

How do I handle this until I find a new job? It’s utterly miserable and stressing me out, and management is acting like it’s our responsibility to fix this when they won’t even help with the calls.


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