I’m a customer caller annoyed on behalf of a call center employee and his rights.


Called my bank—BIG US BANK ™️—and spoke to a lovely guy who seemed so grateful simply when I asked him how he was doing after I answered his same question. I was surprised because he replied with a truthful answer to “how’s your day?”. He said he was good, but very frustrated that it took him two hours to update his password before he was able to log in and start work. Apparently his supervisor and his IT were involved sorting it out.

We both agreed two hours for an expired password is ridiculous and had a friendly laugh.

I then mentioned (I’m a labor union rep, so my brain goes here), “we’ll you better be paid for those two hours!”

I don’t know why I was surprised when he told me that’s likely not the case. He doesn’t get paid til he logs in—even if a problem is not his fault. I asked if his supervisor can fix it, and he sounded dismayed at that point—supervisor reportedly said, “I’ll see what I can do…”, and left it at that. My guy said it was a long shot and it sounded like the sup either doesn’t care or have the power.

“What!? Sorry to curse, but that’s bullshit! Wage theft works both ways. Can I write BIG US BANK ™️ an angry letter or help in some way? I won’t mention your name in case you’re worried about that.”

He laughed regretfully, still friendly, and said, “we’ll thank you but I’m afraid we’re outsourced so BIG YS BANK ™️ wouldn’t have anything to do with it.” Later in the convo (we had my own bank biz to do) I pressed again and he continued, “sometimes you just have to bite the bullet”, and laughingly, “oh well, I’ll just cry my eyes out and will move on”. Something like that.

This guy easily answered several questions I had about my checking and credit cards. He was nice and warm and thankful, all while knocking his job out of the park. And only told me his personal complaints (mundanely) after I made sure to ask him his own name and about his day. What’s his reward? Screwed out of two hours’ pay, ineffective IT and supervision, and God knows what else.

I told him in the end I hope he gets what’s due to him and upon his final thanks, “hey, we’re all in this together.” As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I realized how ineffective that sentiment is. And I admit how naive I am. I apologized for pushing so much of his personal story, but I could tell he was appreciative and it was open/willing. (I also work at a bar—I know a conversational Venus flytrap!)

I just hope BIG US BANK ™️ (edited to redact Mr J fucking P) doesn’t trace my post back to him and discipline him in any way. If someone has any intel for me on that, let me know, and I’ll delete this post.


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