I am not a human I am a customer service agent


I had a customer calling in for a copy of her mortgage note, I put in a request for her like it’s my job to do so. She started to scream at me so I told her politely please stop screaming at me. I’m trying to help you I understand you’re frustrated, but I’m just doing my job and what I can do with repeated this argument for about five minutes and it wasn’t going anywhere and I finally told her I understand that you’re frustrated. I am human. I deserve respect. I am doing the best I can to help you. I’m doing exactly what I can to help you. I can’t go into the system and pull up your document and email it out to you if I could I would so I’m asking you again for the third time please respect me as I am respecting you. And at this point, she basically said you’re not human. You’re a customer service agent slime allowed to scream at you while you are working.. What the fuck


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Sorry about the noise

Added call queues, dropping staff like flies.