Added call queues, dropping staff like flies.


Title kinda sums it up. Also a bit of a rant so sorry…

Company I’ve worked for now for 7ish years had us doing calls for just them, as you’d expect.

Now they’re beginning the years long job of merging with the parent company.

Due to my shift our team is the “trials” team, along with our opposite team, we work 12 and a half hour days, so between the 2 teams we cover almost every opening hour they have, if we’re in they’re off and vice versa, so it makes sense to give us trials. Company opens from 8am to 9pm daily so they’re only losing 30 minutes coverage a day.

Until now it’s been fine, we get a small payrise for the hassle of the trials and we iron out the bugs in new stuff before it goes live for everyone, plus protected bonuses so yay for that!

A month ago, we were volun-told we are taking the parent company calls too, which is basically like starting a whole new job. Separate systems, separate regulations, basically whole new job role, oh and no pay increase, and no training.. since we’re all experienced we can “figure it out” (there is a reference system which does guide us, but it’s not the same as proper training).

Between the 2 teams we had 40 people, in less than a month we’re down to 26 – all have stated in their exit interview the same reason… this extra role.

And we got confirmation today that the “trial” is permanent… group chat (no managers) basically confirms all of us looking to leave now, let’s see how their “trial” goes then…

Anyway, short sighted idiots… and sorry about the wall of text, I’m on mobile sat in the break room.


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