Customer with Poor Planning Skills Keeps Demands Immediate Help


At MyPlaceofWork, we do take incoming calls for air, hotel, and car rental bookings. However, for more complicated requests that take more time (cruises, tour packages, large groups, and itineraries requiring a lot of research), we have a support team that we email to assist and turnaround time can be 24-72 hours, depending on date of travel and how busy our support teams are.

A customer, let’s call her “Rose”, has zero patience. I get her call and she asks for me to book a cruise for her this fall. I tell her I will forward the request to our support team and they would get back to her no later than 72 hours.

She flips out immediately.

Rose: NO, I need somebody now! My friend is joining me too and we need to book that cruise before the space runs out.

Me: I understand, since you’re concerned space is running out, I will flag your request as urgent and somebody will be with you sooner-

Rose: I want to speak to somebody NOW. I have questions that need answers and I would feel better getting this booked as soon as possible.

Her travel dates weren’t for another 4 months and also your lack of planning doesn’t constitute an emergency. If the cruise was selling out, that should be a sign she should’ve called us much earlier. Also…she could literally book online if she couldn’t wait.

Me: If I could book your cruise right now, I would but I don’t handle cruise bookings-

Rose: Okay, then get me somebody who does. I’m not getting off the line until I know somebody is helping me on this.

Miraculously, I put her on hold and the line drops within 2 minutes as I’m reaching out. I call her back and it goes straight to voicemail. I leave her a voicemail, notate her account, and move on.

Just as I thought was rid of her, one of my teammates sends a frantic IM to me.

Teammate: Did you hang up on Rose? She’s on my line and she’s angry. She’s saying you hung up on her and she is demanding to speak to a cruise support agent now.

Me: The line dropped and she didn’t pick up when I called her back. I already told her we would send a request and a cruise support agent would get back to her but she wasn’t having it.

Teammate: Cruise Support team is saying they can’t take her call right now because it’s not a priority. They’re slammed with last minute requests (because none of our customers have proper planning skills) and they’ll get to her within 24-72 hours.

Me: What do you want me to do then?

Teammate: I don’t know, you know more about cruises than me. She won’t get off my line, she’s begging to speak to somebody, at least get some general information first.

Me: You know I can’t book cruises either, I would only be able to answer general questions.

Teammate: Nevermind, she hung up and I tried to call her back and got voicemail.

Me: Maybe she’ll take the hint and wait.

She doesn’t. She calls a third time and repeats the same story to another poor agent and says she’s going to leave a poor review about how our company enjoys hanging up on customers. But that poor agent somehow manages to get a cruise support agent who is willing to take the call and get her ass off her backs finally.




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