What job did you get after quitting the call center?


I finally quit after six months because I couldn’t take it anymore. My plan was to suffer through an extra two weeks so that I could cash out my vacation hours to pay for next month’s rent, but after that I have no idea what I’m going to do. I know that seems dumb or drastic, but my mental health just wouldn’t allow it.

I’m of course looking for a new job, preferably remote, while also looking into “side hustles.” I don’t need much money, I just want a job where I can work a decent amount of hours and still have time to enjoy hobbies. I don’t really enjoy doing anything anymore because of this job. I’m already an introvert and suffer from social anxiety, but this job has made me more reclusive than ever.

It’s hard for me to put on fake enthusiasm about anything, so the next job I get I’m hoping it will be something that doesn’t require being on the phone or in public.

I’m curious to see what job you found after quitting or if you had any suggestions for what other jobs I could be applying for instead of data entry or chat supporter. I refuse to work in another call center, but if I can’t find a job soon, I just might be 😭


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