Just something to make you laugh.


So we all know call center work sucks.
I work in tech support for phone and computers for a well known fruit company.

It’s quite the job. Been at it for over two years now.
Not great, but was the break I needed (two years ago ) but here I am still. Lol.

Working on computer for tech support is a joy in itself.
I have spoke to people from the age of 12-99 😂 alllll over the world.
My customer beeps though.
Sweet lady, trying to get a back up done on her computer with a new external hard drive she purchased.

We go through the basics, I explain everything that is included in this back up and then proceed to ask her what size of external hard drive she has.

Customer: okay, just give me a minute.
3 mins pass…
Customer : it’s 5 inches by 7 inches.
I BURST out laughing. I couldn’t help it.
She was a great sport about it lol. But holy, made my day 😂


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