I have insurance!! Why aren’t you covering my loss!!!!


The title of this story is the first thing I heard when I answered the call. This man was so angry, I thought he was going to stroke out.
Going on and on about being insured with the Emu for 22 yrs and no way is he paying for a new windshield when he KNOWS he has coverage.
I waited for him to run out of steam, put on my best customer service voice and dived right in. I began asking basic questions to verify name, address, year make and model of vehicle. He was frustrated and wanted to know WHY I was asking all this when he already provided it before. I remained positive and supportive, like a good bra, and explained I just wanted to make sure everything was correct.
The claim pulled up as Not Covered, but it was a newer vehicle, so I suspected maybe a typo was causing the No Coverage message.
I asked him to confirm his policy number. Turns out there was a typo, as I had suspected. I confirmed with him, the policy number he had just given me, and explained the issue.
He about blew a head gasket, talking about incompetence, how this had held him up, caused delays (he just filed this morning), blah blah blah.
Now, I could see that he had filed the claim himself, online, that morning. He typed the policy number wrong. No biggy. Mistakes happen.
So in my sweetest voice I apologized profusely for any errors made and any inconvenience he experienced. In a very innocent voice, I said “It looks as though the policy number was entered incorrectly when the claim was initially filed” and apologized again.
Coulda heard a pin drop. Suddenly it was “Well it’s ok, as long as it’s all good now”….I let him know he had a small deductible, got him an appointment and sent him on his way.
All that bluster and bullshit, when it was his fault. Gawd!


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