What did I do wrong to you lady???


This call literally just happened and i’m still so confused as to what was going thru her head

I work for a big cellphone company. We offer data plans and different devices. This customer created her own account a couple of months ago (like, 2 months ago) and she was calling disputing her bill

Me: Me

MC: Mad Customer

Me: “Hello, thank you so much for calling X, the fastest network in all of X, how are you doing today?”

MC: *Ignoring my question* “I have an issue with my bill”

Me: “No worries, I’d be happy to assist you with any bill inquiries you may have. Before we proceed, can I ask you just a couple of questions in order to verify you?”

*We do the verification here*

Me: “Okay, so can you tell me what exactly is your inquiry with your bills?”

She then goes on to explain that the amount that she’s paying is absolutely ridiculous and that she paid $600 (Six Hundred!!!) dollars for a line that should be $90 a month, besides the first bill with the extra activation fees and all that; and that she wanted a full refund for the amount that we overcharged her

So I check her bill and the reason why her first bill was $250 and her second was $350 is because we didn’t receive a payment for the first one, so the second bill got put on top of the first one plus late fees.

MC: “That’s literally not true, I made a payment on March”

Me: “Thanks so much for informing me of said payment, sadly I am not able to see us receiving any kind of payment on this account for March, just the payment made on April 1st to pay off the full amount, was the amount you paid deducted from your bank account?”

She then went on to say that yes, it was and that it was showing on her bank statement. But to us it wasn’t even showing as a backed out payment and we had 0 ways to confirm anything here because she was asking for a refund on her account, which we can’t do unless we have confirmation from either the bank or a reference number, which she didn’t provide.

So, then she started talking to me about how my company is overcharging her and how she will get a refund, and how she did make a payment and all that

Eventually, she simmered down and said that she’ll get the extra charges (which? You acknowledged all of them on the call) removed and that she’ll double check her bank balances and everything to make sure it’s working okay and to make sure that the money was taken out and sent to us. I advised her to speak with her bank and to double check if there were any issues on their side while processing the payment and to let us know if there were any.

And just as I thought we were exchanging good “goodbye” messages, this was said:

Me: “If there’s no further questions, thank you so much for calling X and I hope you have a nice rest of your day”

MC: “Thanks, I hope your day is terrible” *Hangs up*

What is your problem?! Why are you taking it out on me?! What did I do to you?! I’m not the damn bank lady! They can solve your issue if a payment didn’t go through and it’s not showing on my side, I can’t just magicly refund $250 because you said you overpaid despite us never getting any money.

She was 19 by the way. This world is doomed lol


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