Clients Refuse to Help Themselves


I work for a travel agency affiliated with a bank. We service premium clients who think of us as personal assistants who can do everything from them. However, there are some tasks they need to do themselves.

**Situation 1**: “Kevin”‘s flights were cancelled due to airport flooding. But he didn’t need help with rebooking or refund him, he just wanted to complain and demand we give him money for the inconvenience. He wanted more than what his ticket cost him.

Me: I can certainly understand your frustration and I know this is not how you wanted your trip to go.

Kevin: Yeah, I want you to file a complaint and want a supervisor to get back to me on what your company will do to make this right. I expect all my additional expenses to be covered.

Me: In this situation, we recommend speaking with our insurance team and filing a claim.

Kevin: I don’t want to deal with insurance, file a complaint for me, I’ve done this with you all before and you’ve credited me back before (only for our mess ups not issues out of our control)

Me: While we do file complaints over booking issues, we would recommend filing a complaint with the airline directly and with the Department of Transportation as you stated you had an issue with how the airline handled the situation.

Kevin: \*getting angry\* I don’t want to deal with the airline anymore. They’re pissing me off and I don’t even know what the hell a Department of whatever complaint is going to do for me now. File the complaint so I can get off the phone.

Me: Mr. Kevin, I know having your travel plans disrupted is very frustrating. I can put in the complaint but it would be documented as \*our\* company feedback, not to the airline. We still strongly recommend you make a direct complaint.

Kevin: \*not understanding a single thing I’m saying\* I don’t care, I’m not going to. Are you finished with my complaint?

Me: …

**Situation 2**: “Sean” needs ground transportation for 150 people this week. Our Group team doesn’t handle these type of requests and none of our known vendors have the availability. I suggested some non-affiliated companies that might have availability last minute (probably not) but by our policy, he needs to book with them directly.

Sean: You’ve got to be kidding me. I pay you people to do this shit for me and you’re telling me to do this myself??? I’m too busy to be worrying about “little things” like this.

*Too little for him to be doing but clearly not important enough to have a personal assistant handle these things.*

Me: I would’ve loved to have your transportation arranged but our affiliated partners don’t have the availability to fulfill your request. I’m more than happy to give you contact information for other companies not affiliated with us.

Sean: I shouldn’t have to do this. I pay a lot of money for this service. YOU do it.

Me: We are not permitted by policy to book with these companies on your behalf.

Sean: I DON’T care what your little policy is. I have a dinner party I’m running late to because of you. I’m not going to contact those companies. Get this handled and give me a call back when you’re done.

Me: Mr. Sean, we-

He hung up.


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