Are those words in the thesaurus?


Call center for a public transportation service.

Call comes in, I’m not even through my greeting when the guy SCREAMS. Just a rage filled, guttural bellow. Which is immediately followed by:


And this goes on for about a solid minute where he just lays into it with that and then takes a hard and dramatic right turn. And I mean, right like alt right.

“I’m glad Trump is taking back this country! You white liberal democrat piece of $#!+ you’re dead when he gets re-elected! He’s going to declare war on all of you! Your whole $#!++y company is going to be done, you CS’ing liberal MF’ers! Trump is going to kill ALL OF YOU!!!!! YOU HEAR ME YOU MF’ER!?!?!?”

Since we’re not allowed to hang up on anyone–anyone, even this evolutionary speed bump–I’ve long since tuned him out while I got my phone out and started checking the baseball scores. Go Braves! Sorry, KC.

Anyway, when he paused there I said “Sorry, I just got a bunch of static, I wasn’t listening. Did you need a particular bus schedule?”

He bellows again, goes right back into his CS’ing MF’er MF’ing CS’ers tirade, it’s really just variations of those two words strung together for about another minute and when he takes a breath I ask:

“Sir, do you…know any other words?”

He was still screaming about CS’ing MF’ers when he disconnected the call.

And onto the next delightful cromag, I mean caller…


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