can you get fired for something like this?


I work with a health insurance company, I needed to connect the person with another agent because I couldn’t help her, I asked him to hold 3 times, and I did it as our rules dictate, no more than two minutes and refresh the client. The third time the person was getting frustrated and I did as the company dictates and I told her that if I connect the call and we wait together and she agreed, 2 minutes later and I told the client I’m with you but there was hold music and she She said to turn down the music, obviously I can’t do that, and she repeated it 3 times and that’s when the other agent took care of us and immediately the client said she was going to report me because I didn’t want to take the music off the hold and she was mocking me of her, there was no one to calm her down.

Can you be kicked out of a call center for things like that?


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