Well what a lovely Saturday it was talking to this Karen


So I work for a mortgage company, I was told yesterday at the end of my shift (I had picked up OT so I was off an hour later then usual) that I will be working today. At 5AM. So I was just a little cranky as we would be.

So today, actually just 4 mins ago, I had an unauthorized party call in, she got snarky through the verification process, then got snarky and cussed at me for saying she’s unauthorized and I need to speak to her husband, calling me a bitch.

She then started cursing at me saying her payment increased and she wanted to know why. I told her it increased 20 dollars due to taxes.

She cursed at me again “why the fuck is my payment increasing due to taxes”

I said I’m sorry that it’s an inconvenience for you but you would need to call the county.

She then told me I’m being rude, asked if the call was being recorded. I told her yes all our calls are.

Next she calls me a smart ass, told me I’m a cunt and said thanks for not helping me at all. Then hung up.

What a fucking peach she was to talk to. Right?


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