No one available to speak at this exact moment? We’ll clog up your phone line until we get our way!


I’m a team lead for the tech support team at my current call center, so these calls were taken by our reps.

One of our reps pinged the team leads over Slack today about a client he had on hold who wanted a manager. The client had called in asking for an account downgrade, which is something our cancellations/account adjustments team handles.

The rep had told him correctly who he needed to speak to and let him know he’d be making a ticket for them to call the guy back. Client didn’t want to hear this and immediately started screaming for a manager.

So we started digging for this client’s info and talked it over with the cancellations team. Nobody had a clue why this guy was coming in so hot about this.

In the 5-10 minutes it took for us to do this, three or four more people from that client’s business had all called in to tech support angrily demanding to talk with someone about their account downgrade. Some of these people weren’t even authorized to make that sort of request. Cancellations team usually works out of a queue but had to push this guy to the top of the line because of all the calling.

The most infuriating part of all this? The business owner who initially called didn’t even pick up when the cancellations team called him. They phoned him less than 15 minutes after him and his team zerg rushed our phone lines and he wasn’t even around to answer even though we’d all pretty much been forced to drop everything to help him. Absolutely pathetic and childish.


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