You will be let go.


I have been put on a final warning because my reliability for the month of March was for 93.50% instead of 95% required by the client. I just got off a 1 on 1 with my TL who said to me. “If you do not meet the 95% this month most likely you will be let go with termination” he did add that it is up to the new operations manager who I gave a good relationship with, I have been with this account for 1 year and 3 months and just the mere fact that they would fire me for not even 2% on a reliability metric is absurd and quite frankly draining. I do not know how to move forward when all my other numbers are good hold time ACW , QA scores and I am great at my job. Just found out they let the old operations manager go most likely because how the account has been performing, is it possible they are bluffing and trying to scare me by telling me I will be fired with less than 1% on a metric??? I need some insight please…


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